Bubble shooter

The game of Bubble Shooter comes in many variants and even seasonal special editions. The version "Bubble Shooter deluxe v1.6" from Absolutist Games is by far the most popular version which was developed originally in 2004 and we will use this version as the basis for this review. The game is readily available for download for Windows or Mac and also has applications for most PDA style of devices such as iPhone and Palm in addition to Linux based software and CD availability. Whatever method you prefer, and whichever format you like your games to be available in, the makers of Bubble Shooter seem to have thought of them all.


As with all of the Bubble shooting style of games this is easy to play and has simple rules and straight forward play methodology. It is quite addictive to play and the player would be wise to complete any work needing to be done, or appointments needing to be kept prior to launching this cute but demanding application.

The main objective is to clear the screen and there is only one basic method by which to do this, simply fire your bubbles at the multi-colored pack and have them explode in front of your eyes. To do this one has to have a minimum of three similarly colored bubbles on the field of play and by striking them they will explode and clear that part of the screen.

The game is won or lost when either the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen or the player manages to clear all the bubbles from the screen. The play itself is simple, just line up the arrow with the direction you wish your bubble to travel and click the pointed part of the arrow to fire your bubble towards the pack. If you manage to explode a set of bubbles with more than three of the same color, then that "hit" will be worth more points than a pack of three would be. So, as an example, one set of six bubbles is worth more than two sets of three.

There are six different colors of bubbles, no one color is worth more points than another. The player will also notice some silver bubbles at the base of the screen, these are the number of missed shots allowed before you forfeit the game.

There are four play modes with this version; strategy, arcade, sniper and marathon and the game therefore has four different levels of expertise. The mode names give an indication as to the nature of the difficulty element of playing them. There are also numerous sound effects, great 3D graphics and well developed computer physics for the interaction and direction of bubbles during play.

There is also the ability to save or replay a game. If the player is part of an online community multi-player games are available, the one main difference in scoring being if an opponent loses his/her game first the winner collects those points in addition to any earned in their own game.

If you like Tetris, Lines or any of the other major games in which you are interactive with shapes on a screen, then this game will be one of those you cannot leave alone and will demand your return time and time again.

bubble shooter


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